Profiting from Procurement – Advanced Purchasing for Acumatica

by Darcy Boerio – President, DAB Partners

When’s the last time you analyzed your procurement process? Our guest author’s blog in acu-connect helps finance professionals identify opportunities for cost savings during procurement.

“Every dollar you save on procurement goes directly to your bottom line. From the first interaction you have with a potential supplier to the time you cut them a check, there are numerous opportunities for operational cost savings. Some of the savings relate to decreasing the amount of time your team spends on purchasing, and others are direct cost savings resulting from eliminating “rogue spending” and ensuring you’re buying at the best price available.
Here are a few questions to ask yourself that can help you identify opportunities for cost savings during procurement

  • Are we taking full advantage of discounts and negotiated pricing, or are we missing out due to a lack of visibility or because purchasing isn’t standardized?
  • Is the shopping process easy for our team, or do we have multiple people sourcing products independently – sometimes purchasing unnecessary, or even the wrong items at the wrong price?
  • Are approvals turned around quickly, or do purchases get held up in the approval process? If a requisition is pending approval, are we able to identify who’s court the ball is in to keep the process moving?
  • Do we have visibility into GL budget information during the process, or do we risk requesting/approving purchases that will exceed budgeted amounts?

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Profiting from Procurement – Advanced Purchasing for Acumatica

About the author:

Darcy Boerio is an accomplished ERP software leader with over 20 years in key roles with a major ERP publisher (Sage), a Top Sage North America VAR (Alliance Solutions Group), and two successful multi-channel ERP ISVs (Avalara and Website Pipeline).

She co-hosts a popular podcast called Enterprise Software Podcast and is President of DAB Partners, which helps mid-market ERP software companies strengthen and grow their partner channels and referral networks. Darcy is also Sage Channel Relations at Paramount WorkPlace. For more information,