Enterprise organizations have the option of deploying Paramount WorkPlace Procure-to-Pay as a Standalone solution or integrating to their Oracle, Infor, or Epicor ERP.

Our P2P standalone solution can be configured to fit enterprise-level complex workflows.  Solve enterprise-level complex spend management challenges with ease and for less with WorkPlace’s sophisticated P2P capabilities, robust engines, powerful requests to approve functionality, purchase order management, and authenticate deliveries that are all in one place!

WorkPlace P2P can also integrate with Oracle, Infor, Epicor, or any industry-specific vertical ERPs.  Our toolbox facilitates seamless tailored integrations with advanced enterprise platforms such as Paramount WorkPlace extensive built-in structures allow for rapid deployment of new integration points that are not covered under our out-of-the-box integration features.

Empower your team with a single web-based and mobile portal to enter Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Vendor Invoices, and Expense Reports with an easy to use interface.

Specific Integration Benefits

  • Powerful integration capabilities powered the WorkPlace Data Integration API (DIAPI) web service enables seamless integration of your financial data elements to the WorkPlace Enterprise solutions
  • Achieve integration for custom and third-party products by integrating them to WorkPlace and leveraging existing WorkPlace ERP integrations
  • Complement your ERP solution with a fully centralized, enterprise-level Travel, Expense, Requisition, and Procurement solution.
  • Integration capabilities that facilitate seamless integrations with advanced enterprise ERPs such as Oracle, Infor, Epicor, and industry-specific vertical ERPs
  • Intuitive XML based data schema templates are available for key WorkPlace data elements to support an integrated spend management solution
  • Sophisticated web service API provides the flexibility for synchronous WorkPlace updates with a direct web service call or asynchronous integration using a simple file drop location monitored by WorkPlace with the advanced Agent scheduling tool


Procurement Software and Expense Management Industries