Dynamic Approval Workflow

Handle any approval structure and organizational hierarchy. You can enforce departmental, divisional and corporate approvals with multilevel approval lists, and there is no limit on the number of levels of approval. Key rules include.

  • Approval of revisions to a transaction
  • Optional auto skip to next (but not final) approver
  • Acceptance of variances (price, quantity, expense allowance, travel request)
  • Approval criteria can be at
    • Transaction (header) level, e.g. total trip request amount
    • Item (line) level, e.g. a specific item purchase
  • Consistent approval workflows and budgetary controls for PO and Non- PO invoices
  • Automatically detect invoice variances and route for approval
  • Unlimited routing customized to roles and organization structure – based on approval criteria such as amount, department, budget, project, and vendor


  • Company ERP :
    • Timeline :
    • Product of Interest :