Flexible GL Distributions

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Requisition Management Software For GL Flexible GL Distributions

A single expense line may be distributed to multiple GL accounts

Distribute requisition line items into hundreds of GL accounts in seconds.

Paramount WorkPlace flexible GL Distribution function allows you to distribute requisition line items into one or more GL accounts. The distribution may be edited throughout the procurement cycle, during requisition entry and approval, purchase order entry, receiving, or invoice data entry. The selected distribution follows the transaction into your ERP software as the invoice is created.

With Paramount WorkPlace, you can distribute requisition line items into hundreds of GL accounts in seconds. Each expense line can reference a single GL account, or be shared across multiple GL accounts allocated by a percentage. For speed and convenience, you can establish predefined distribution groups, assigning a percentage to each account in the group. Choose the desired predefined allocation/distribution groups during requisition entry.

Features and Benefits:

  • Control: Total control and flexibility reflected in the expense & ERP sides
  • Flexible: Distribute individual line items into multiple accounts.
  • Manage: Enter and edit the distribution at any point in the procurement cycle
  • Speed: Leverage Distribution Groups for quick and easy auto or manual GL distribution

Terms & Definitions

what is requisition

What is Requisition:

A requisition is a documented way to request an action or item for delivery by a certain date, department or individual.

what is a purchase order

What is a Purchase Order:

A purchase order is a commercial document issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, terms, and agreed prices for products or services.

What are General Ledger (GL) distributions:

GL Distributions are used to define how an expense amount will be accounted for, such as how the expense, asset, tax, or charges will be encumbered on the purchase order or accounted for on the product receipt or vendor invoice.