Guided Buying Catalogs

Enhance user shopping experience and control costs, using your own catalog, pictures, extended descriptions, and company selected items.

  • Control costs by having your own catalogs that can be vendor specific, department specific, functional area, purchase types, and more.
  • Experience easy to create, maintain, and publish catalogs.  You can create catalogs quickly and easily by file import or publishing your existing inventory list
  • Reduce data entry with predefined vendor items, pricing and accounting information
  • Organize your catalog items with unlimited categories that provide users a navigation tree specific to your organization
  • Publish catalogs across the entire organization or selectively by company or department
  • Search by keyword within each catalog or across all of them with options to sort by price, brand, vendor and more
  • Provide a simple and intuitive interface option for users to select items with a few clicks and automatically submit them for approval simply by checking out of their shopping cart
  • The WorkPlace catalog shopping experience is also available on the WorkPlace Mobile Application


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