Requisition Mobile App

Move your requisition entry and approval forward even when you’re on the road with WorkPlace Mobile App. Browse and shop company catalogs, request items for purchase, save items to cart, and submit items, as well as approve or reject requisitions and add comments from anywhere, anytime.

It is no longer sufficient for software to offer a stated list of features and prescribed functionality; software has to be intuitive, engaging and powerful. These attributes are even more important in Mobile Procurement Software. On mobile devices, the screen is smaller, navigation is potentially more challenging, and the user is presumably on the move. Are you ready for Mobile App that meets your needs on-the-go?

Paramount WorkPlace Mobile App provides easy Catalog Shopping. Users can browse and shop your WorkPlace Catalogs, save items to the shopping cart to process, or submit as a requisition directly from the mobile app anywhere, anytime.

Features and Benefits of Paramount WorkPlace’s Mobile Procurement Software:

  • Use Your Favorite Device: Available for iOS and Android
  • Full visibility of the entire requisition cycle
  • Line-level review, approval, and rejection capabilities
  • Go Shopping: Browse guided buying catalogs, save them to a cart, or submit for approval
  • Catalog & non-Catalog shopping
  • Real-Time Access: Secure and seamless mobile access to WorkPlace via secure On-The-Go (OTG) web server
  • See the Status: View the status of open mobile requisitions from the Mobile Requisition Procurement dashboard
  • Mobile Approvals: Approve Requisitions from To Do list and process Approval Sessions from within the App
  • Multi-Company: View, enter and approve transactions across multiple WorkPlace companies from a single interface
Mobile Procurement Software Mobile Catalog Shopping and Approvals - Requisition Mobile App

Mobile Procurement Software Mobile Catalog Shopping & Approvals - Dashboard
Mobile Procurement Software Mobile Catalog Shopping & Approvals - Catalog Shop
Mobile Procurement Software Mobile Catalog Shopping & Approvals - Shopping Cart
Mobile Procurement Software Mobile Catalog Shopping & Approvals - App Approval

Terms & Definitions

what is requisition

What is Requisition:

A requisition is a documented way to request an action or item for delivery by a certain date, department or individual.


What is a Guided Buying Catalog:

A Guided Buying Catalog is an internal catalog of products and/or services containing items of your choosing organized by vendor, department, type of item, etc.