Powerful Receiving Capabilities

Recognize receipt of goods and services quickly and easily from any location with Multiple receiving options to compliment user needs.

The receiving stage in the procurement process – may include the receipt of goods, the receipt of invoice, or both together at the same time. When goods are received, they are typically accompanied by a packing slip, and are checked in the warehouse and entered into the inventory. When a vendor invoice is received,  three documents – purchase orders, packing slips, and vendor invoices – are aligned and reconciled, highlighting any discrepancies to ensure that what you are being charged matches what you have received.

Paramount WorkPlace Receiving eliminates the need for staff to rekey item information; users simply confirm the quantities received to update the Purchase Order (PO). The solution can also perform automatic 2- or 3-way matching of the vendor invoice against the PO and receiving documents. Once an item is recorded as received in the software, it can be included in your inventory availability count, providing accurate information to the customer service, purchasing, and warehouse personnel. The value of the received goods or services is recorded in your accounting system or ERP, awaiting reconciliation when the invoice is received.

With Paramount WorkPlace companies can recognize receipt of goods and services quickly and easily from any location with multiple receiving options to match individual companies’ workflows.

Features and Benefits:

  • Notify Requesters: Automatic notification to requesters when their requests have been fulfilled or items have not been received by due date
  • Easy to Use: A single, wizard driven session, to streamline receiving process for multiple Vendor shipment transactions
  • User Security: Easy filters to restrict items available to receive based on users’ functional areas of responsibility
  • Cancel or Reject: Options to allow Receivers to cancel or reject item quantities at the point of receiving and update PO status in real time
  • Automatic Accruals: Automatic G/L Journal based accrual accounting option for items received not invoiced
  • Multiple User Support: Multiple user tailored receiving options include auto-receiving, Load by PO number, Receive Load Wizard and detailed transaction entry
Purchase Order Tracking Software Powerful Receiving Capabilities

Terms & Definitions

what is a purchase order

What is a Purchase Order:

A purchase order is a commercial document issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, terms, and agreed prices for products or services.

What is a Packing Slip:

A packing slip/packing list is a list of what is included in a shipment, typically provided by the vendor.

What are Accruals:

Accruals are the values of goods or services that an organization has received, but where the supplier has not yet sent an invoice. If the invoice has not arrived by the end of the accounting period, then they enter a journal to account for this cost.