Reflecting on 2017 and determining 2018’s goals

Whether it’s going to the gym more, eating healthy, kicking a bad habit, or spending more wisely, this is the time of year when many of us reflect on our lives and identify changes we want to make in the coming year.

This year, why not resolve to improve your bottom line by controlling spend with an effective requisition & procurement tool?

Here are some ideas for goals you can set for yourself for 2018. Go ahead, say them out loud and see how they fit!

I’d like to make it easy for my team to shop, submit requisitions, and approve requisitions from anywhere with Mobile Catalog Shopping & Approvals.

Requisition and Procurement Solution Enterprise Purchase Order ManagementThis year I resolve to control transactions, keep purchasing commitments up to date, and streamline my procurement processes company-wide with Enterprise Purchase Order Management.

In 2018, I want to recognize receipt of goods and services quickly and easily using  a Powerful Receiving Tool so I know what I’ve received and what I haven’t.

No more delays in purchasing the items we need because we’re waiting on approvals! From now on, I’m going to automate my approvals in a way that fits my business with a Dynamic Rule Engine & Approval Workflow.

I resolve to empower my vendors and suppliers for invoice entry and eliminate data entry for my accounts payable team with a Vendor Invoice Portal.

In 2018, I’m going to let my procurement team shop catalogs of approved items for quicker and more accurate requisition creation. Whether it’s Punchout Catalogs or my own custom Guided Buying Catalogs, I’ll make it fast and easy for them to find and procure what they need.

They’re nice people and all, but I’m going to spend less time with my auditors this year. I’ll give them sophisticated Audit Capabilities to make their lives easier.

We’re going to stay within budget this year by enforcing the corporate budget throughout the entire requisition and procurement process using an Advanced Budgeting Engine.

I resolve to improve the bottom line by streamlining my processes and controlling spend before it happens!

You can count on us at Paramount WorkPlace to help you keep these resolutions and more with a powerful suite of spend management tools that integrate with most popular mid-market ERPs, including Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Intacct, NetSuite, Blackbaud, Acumatica, and more.

Contact me or anyone on my team today. We can’t promise you’ll go the gym more, but you’ll sleep better!