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“WorkPlace is the ideal option for us. It offers both requisition and expense management functionality, it’s competitively priced, and it integrates with Dynamics.”
Ryan Moosbrugger, Senior Director of Sourcing, Cavaliers Operating Company

When the Cavaliers Operating Company sought to improve its requisition, procurement, and expense management processes—it chose Paramount WorkPlace by PairSoft as its capable teammate.

“We were using SharePoint to manage both requisitions and expense tracking,” recalls Ryan Moosbrugger, Senior Director of Sourcing, Cavaliers Operating Company. “That strategy was not ideal for us. We wanted both procurement and expense functionality, we needed our team members to be able to access the system on their mobile devices, and we had to have integration with Microsoft Dynamics.”

The organization reviewed several spend management solutions before selecting Paramount WorkPlace. “WorkPlace is the best option for us,” says Moosbrugger. “It combines both requisition and expense management functionality, it’s competitively priced, and it integrates with Dynamics.”

Controlling the boards with a single, powerful application
With Paramount WorkPlace, the Cavaliers now have a single, comprehensive spend management tool. The solution’s mobile application is easy to use and supports requisition entry and approvals and expense report entry and approvals. Now, more than 400 of the organization’s team members use Paramount WorkPlace.

The Cavaliers’ experience with the Paramount WorkPlace Requisition and Expense modules left Moosbrugger impressed with the efficiencies and insights the organization was able to realize. As a result, the organization elected to add the projects module to track and manage its projects. “With the projects module, we can easily and effectively track all the spending associated with each project and compare that spending with our project budgets,” he says.

Traveling employees find no foul
The solution’s mobile capabilities allow Cavaliers team members to capture expenses quickly and easily, prepare their expense reports, and submit for approval. “Being able to get that all done from their mobile devices is convenient and it allows them to get reimbursed quickly,” notes Moosbrugger. “It also provides a consistent infrastructure for managing the organization’s expenses.”

Paramount WorkPlace is keeping the ball moving for the Cavaliers. “Paramount WorkPlace maintains an audit trail of all activity, and it sends out daily alerts to approvers to help keep things moving. Our requisition process moves much more quickly now,” Moosbrugger says.

The Cavaliers appreciate the flexibility and Paramount Workplace delivers. “In a typical year, we’ll generate thousands of requisitions,” says Moosbrugger. “In turn, those requisitions can result in many more thousands of purchase orders, check requests, and credit card transactions. Paramount WorkPlace handles it all with ease. We’ve found a solution that can keep pace with us.”


  • Minimal visibility into the procurement cycle
  • Missing a comprehensive audit trail
  • Disparate systems required inefficient duplicate data entry
  • Lack of integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP



  • Single solution for procurement, expense and capital project management
  • Comprehensive audit trail for both requisition and expense transactions
  • Mobile app empowers users to enter and approve expenses on the go
  • Flexible, role-based approvals support the organization’s workflow
  • Ability to approval via email speeds and simplifies processing
  • Integration with Dynamics GP eliminates duplicate data entry