Google Maps & Mileage Calculations Capabilities

Enforce mileage policy with accurate mileage driven instantly, with audits via our Google map integration.

Make it simple and accurate for employees to expense their work-related mileage using the Paramount WorkPlace Expense Google Map and Mileage integration.

Employees simply click on the Google Map icon from within WorkPlace Expense and select waypoints representing legs of their route and WorkPlace will calculate the mileage automatically. The employee can specify individual routes as personal, and they will be excluded from the calculation. In addition, a standard “commute” option excludes employee’s roundtrip travel to and from work. The total business distance traveling transfer to the employee’s expense line for review, submittal, and then routed for approval.

Enforce your organization’s mileage policy and simplify expense reporting by calculating accurate mileage driven instantly with the Paramount WorkPlace Google Maps integration.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy: Automatic mileage calculations
  • Enter or select route: Up to 25 waypoint flexibility
  • Nothing to remember: Reimbursement rate specified in setup
  • Commute exclusion: Standard commute deduction option
  • Personal travel designation: Routes can be designated as personal travel and based per user
  • Store routes for easy use: Select and store routes and mileage alongside your Travel and Expense transactions

Mobile Expense Management Software Google Maps Mileage Capabilities


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