Travel Request & Pre-approval Features

Watch a brief video covering Paramount WorkPlace’s Travel Request and Preapproval feature

Mobile Expense Management Software Travel Request Pre Approval

Easily turn approved Travel Requests into Expense Reports

Control cost before it’s even incurred. Create expense reports from pre-approved travel requests. Enforce corporate expense policy as well as government regulations effectively & efficiently.

Use Paramount WorkPlace’s Travel Request and Pre-Approval Features to help control costs before they’ve even been incurred.

Employees can create travel requests to get preapproval for common travel components such as airfare, hotel, and a per diem rate. The preapproval request routes for approval, and employees may use the approved request as the basis for their expense report, adjusting amounts as necessary and gaining final approval for the expenses. It’s an effective and efficient way to enforce corporate expense policy as well as government regulations.


Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to create travel requests
  • Include common travel elements along with additional details and comments
  • Robust pre-approval capabilities
  • Quickly create expense reports from approved travel requests
  • Final travel numbers can be adjusted and sent for additional approval