The Right Team

  • Longevity and subject matter expertise in Requisition, Procurement, Expense, and AP Automation.
  • Trusted by customers – over 171,000 worldwide users of global, national, and local brands.
  • Trusted by ERPs – certified development teams and software integrations.
  • Develop, test, and release new capabilities ahead of market expectation.
  • Go the extra miles for our customers, partners, team members.
  • Passionate about our customers’ digital transformation.

The Right Partner

  • You can capitalize on our command in Spend Management.
  • You can count on our expertise in 14 industries – Broad customer base.
  • You can count on our strength to execute complex implementations globally.
  • You can buy from your dedicated reseller – we have the largest VAR Channel.  If you don’t have a VAR partner, call us and we will connect you.

The Right Deployment & Support

  • The way in which we engage, collaborate, and plan with each customer.
  • The resources we deploy for each customer to ensure successful rollout and implementation across their entire organization.
  • Dedicated in-house customer service & development teams with a keen focus on user experience.
  • Our plan that ensures a successful deployment in a simple to very complex SaaS and On-premise environments. 

The Right Software

  • OCR, AI, and Business Learning capabilities.
  • Powerful reporting and 360º view of your KPI’s and metrics.
  • Robust engines with extensive functionalities and sophisticated workflow automation.
  • The most configurable platform and workflows in the marketplace.
  • Product agility and back-end architecture.
  • Flexible, intuitive, with optimal user experience.
  • Easy for employees, effective for management, and powerful for accounting.
  • Gain control of the budget, compliance of corporate policies, desired transparency, and effective communications across the entire organization.
  • Option for Cloud/SaaS or On-Premise.
  • Option as a stand-alone solution.
  • Option as an integrated extension of your ERP.
  • The deepest certified integrations to all mid-market and enterprise ERPs on the market.
  • Multi-currency, multi-tax, multi-company, and multi-layers of budgeting capabilities.
  • Unlimited routing and approval rules, roles, and paths.
  • Inter-company functionality for centralized requisition, procurement, and expense.



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