Intuitive Web-based and Mobile Requisition & Procurement solution that is easy for employees, effective for management, and powerful for accounting!

Designed specifically for mid-size organizations as a standalone solution, or as a seamless out-of-the-box, real-time integrated extension of Microsoft Dynamics, Sage ERP, Blackbaud, Intacct, Acumatica, and NetSuite.  Automate the entire requisition and procurement process, move projects forward, enhance communications, gain real-time visibility and control, and deliver strong ROI across your entire organization.
| Enterprise Purchase Order Management
Automatically track, manage, organize, and instantly route approved request for PO creation. Increase control over transactions, keep Purchasing commitments up to date, and streamline the procurement process company-wide with full management of evening in Purchase Order process.
| Powerful Receiving Capabilities
Recognize receipt of goods and services quickly and easily from any location with Multiple receiving options to compliment user needs.
| Centralized Invoice Matching
Ensure correct receipt and billing of items ordered with true centralized AP Invoice Processing across your entire organization
| Multi-Currency & Multi-Language
Eliminate language and currency barrier and provide system access to your global teams.
| Dynamic Rule Engine & Approval Workflow
Implement any corporate approval rule you can imagine during the entire process, even at creation!
| Requisition Ad Hoc Approvals
Introduce additional approval requirements on the fly while maintaining policies and controls to your original defined configuration, moving process forward across the entire organization.
| Powerful Vendor Contract Management
Enforce vendor-negotiated terms and provide blanket purchase order capabilities.
| Extensive Project & Job Cost Capabilities
Obtain the best deal and turn around time. Submit and manage request for quotes to multiple vendors. Compare quotes based on delivery date and price. Manually or automatically award purchase orders in seconds.
| Flexible Vendor Approval
Control vendor creation within the ERP by keeping vendor approvals with A/P while providing requisition & procurement users an easy way to request a new vendor.
| Intuitive Vendor Portal
Eliminate data entry for your Payables team and reduce internal cost and provide vendors a self-service portal for purchase order/non-purchase order invoice entry.
| Effective Request for Quote
Obtain the best deal and turn around time. Submit and manage request for quotes to multiple vendors. Compare quotes based on delivery date and price. Manually or automatically award purchase orders in seconds.
| Robust Check Request Features
Manage non-purchase order invoices from vendors in seconds. Link paper invoices with your digital data via robust document management capabilities.
| Invoice Attachment Maintenance Page
Streamline uploading scanned invoices and make attachments available for users from Check Request page entry. Add attachments to the ‘Select Invoices’ automation queue without relying on access to remote file systems when hosted in the cloud or another location.
| Sophisticated Audit Capabilities
Experience Full Visibility of what was changed, who made the change, and when it was made.
| Flexible GL Distributions
Distribute requisition line items into hundreds of GL accounts in seconds.
| Advanced Budgeting Engine
Establish and enforce any corporate budget throughout the entire requisition and procurement process.
| PunchOut Capabilities
Speed order processing and lower procurement costs by integrating real-time with suppliers’ online catalogs.
| Guided Buying Catalogs
Enhance user shopping experience and control costs, using your own catalog, pictures, extended descriptions, and company selected items.
| Inventory & Materials Management
Gain full visibility and control costs with a tightly integrated inventory-to-requisition system. Order, Fulfill, or Transfer stock held at any inventory location with confidence and ease.
| Multi-Company & Inter-Company
Consolidate purchasing across the entire organization, eliminate duplicate purchases, and take advantage of your buying power with volume discounts.
| Powerful Tax Engine
Assign taxes by line level, incorporate enterprise-wide tax amount visibility, and adjust recoverable taxes within the system in no time.
| Questionnaire Capabilities
Enhance communications, streamline entry, and prompt users to provide key information for specific charges, as a requirement or as an option.
| Comprehensive Status Monitoring

Solves the common problem of delays encountered in paper-based, Excel, e-mail requisition and approval process.

Empower users throughout the enterprise!