Logo for the Free Methodist Foundation - FMF

The Cleveland Cavaliers professional basketball team is the pride of the city. The team won its first NBA championship in 2016 after defeating the Golden State Warriors in record-breaking fashion, becoming the first team in NBA history to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals. When the Cavaliers Operating Company sought to improve its requisition, procurement, and expense management processes—it chose Paramount WorkPlace by PairSoft as its capable teammate.

Bonita Springs Utilities is a member-owned cooperative providing water and wastewater services to more than 30,000 customers throughout the picturesque Gulf Coast town of Bonita Springs, Florida.

Logo for the Free Methodist Foundation - FMF

Urban Land Institute is the oldest and largest network of cross-disciplinary real estate and land use experts in the world. Through its members’ dedication to the mission and their shared expertise, the Institute has been able to set standards of excellence in development practice. With 40,000 members in countries across the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, Urban Land Institute has a global presence and a broad sphere of influence. To efficiently meet its fiduciary responsibilities, Urban Land Institute selected Paramount WorkPlace as its procure-to-pay solution.

Logo for Gateway Casinos & Entertainment

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited (Gateway Casinos) is one of the largest and most diversified gaming companies in Canada. Operating in British Columbia, Edmonton, and Ontario, Gateway Casinos has 9,000 employees and operates 27 gaming properties with 77 restaurants and bars, and more than 500 hotel rooms. A multi-pronged growth strategy has seen Gateway Casinos diversify and expand its product offering — improving the gaming customer experience while attracting new customers. To speed and simplify its complex procurement processes, Gateway Casinos picked a winner in Paramount WorkPlace.

Logo for the Free Methodist Foundation - FMF

The Free Methodist Foundation provides a range of financial planning services. The organization has a rich history of stewardship, dating back to 1931, and gaining in scope and responsibility ever since. Today the foundation provides estate and gift planning, financial planning, investment advice and loan services to individuals and churches throughout the country. Like many nonprofit organizations, Free Methodist Foundation uses Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT as its accounting software. When the foundation went looking for an expense management solution that would integrate with its back-office application, one solution rose to the top of the list: Paramount WorkPlace.

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Peak Resorts owns and operates 14 ski resorts with nearly 2,000 acres of skiable terrain, primarily in the Northeast and Midwest. The majority of its properties are within easy driving distance from the major metropolitan markets of New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and St. Louis. The company has seen steady growth — fueled by a passion for recreation, a commitment to service, and smart investments in technology and infrastructure. One such technology investment is Paramount WorkPlace, selected by Peak Resorts to centralize, streamline, and improve its requisition, procurement, and expense processing.

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Starting as a small Bible study group in a living room in Livermore, California in 1993, Cornerstone Fellowship is growing into a vital, vibrant church with five locations throughout the East Bay area — and plans for at least another five. Cornerstone Fellowship employs 80 full-time and 120 part-time personnel and involves hundreds of volunteers. The organization does a superb job of connecting its congregations with the community, promoting opportunities to give, serve, and engage in a multitude of ways.

While doing ministry, staff and volunteers naturally incur expenses. To streamline and simplify the collection, approval, and repayment of those expenses, Cornerstone Fellowship selected Paramount WorkPlace Expense Management solution.

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More than 30 million tons of sugar beets are grown in the United States each year, and organizations such as Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative turn the hardy crop into millions of pounds of pure sugar. Minn-Dak is comprised of 480 shareholders, primarily farmers, that bring their sugar beet crop to the cooperative for processing. It’s a busy, year-round, round-the-clock manufacturing operation with more than 500 employees. To keep its plant running at peak efficiency, Minn-Dak chose to streamline its procurement process with Paramount WorkPlace.

“We’ve been using Paramount WorkPlace for over five years,” recalls John Wieser, IT Manager at Minn-Dak. “Honestly, I don’t know how we functioned before; it has completely streamlined our procurement cycle and brought us enormous efficiencies.”

Logo for Reedy Creek Improvement District

Reedy Creek needed to better manage their growing and cumbersome paper-based requisitions. The system created a bottleneck with requisitions waiting on managers’ desks to be approved with no visibility to the status of the requisition in the approval process. Without visibility of the requisitions, Reedy Creek had a lack of control when it came to budgeting.

To be as efficient as possible, Reedy Creek knew they needed an ERP to manage their accounting practices and more importantly, to manage their requisitions.

McCue - Logo - GREYSCALE

McCue is a global-industry leader in damage prevention equipment with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and China. Founded in 1988, their product and service lines include bumpers, cart corrals in parking lots, floor mounted rails, and the design of customized damage protection plans for stores.

Logo for Care Communications - GREYSCALE

Since Care Communications’ consultants do not regularly visit the corporate office it was a challenge for the timely submission of paper-based timesheets and expense reports. Managers were scrambling for timesheets to approve, and dealing with cumbersome Excel sheets and paperwork.

Care Communications recognized an urgent need to implement an automated workflow solution for the time and expense processing and approvals. Care Communications began looking for a different. “It was very important to find a robust solution from a company that had been around for a while” Frohmund Burger, Senior Accountant explained.

Logo for the Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo found that they were experiencing challenges with their paper requisition solution. Paper requisitions were often difficult to locate when a manager was waiting for more information or was out of the office—causing delays in the approval process. Since there was no automated tracking in place, service requisitions would continue to accumulate and there was no way for management to know completion rates or set priorities.

The Zoo also had a lack of audit processes and access to information because they did not have visibility to budgets or tracking information of where the requisition was in the process.

City of St. Johns - Logo - Greyscale

The City of St. John’s was experiencing inefficiencies, such as separate systems, multiple data entry points, slow communications, and lack of controls. Departments had a lack in communication without easy access to correct or consistent information.

They needed a solution that would integrate its business functions and departmental needs while engineering its business processes. They were also looking to access accurate information in a timely manner and establish an integration between departments

Logo for Petroleum Equipment Service

Petroleum Equipment Service used a manual expense tracking process: employees sent receipts and expenses via email to their manager.  Employees sent receipts and expenses via email to their manager.  E-mailing receipts often resulted in lost receipts, delays, and lack of visibility to pending expenses.

Without automated workflows to capture receipts and route expenses through approvals and to payment, expense sheets had to be entered manually into their Sage 300 ERP.  Since information was limited by email they were not able to provide information or adequate auditing.

Logo for Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County was using a system that had a major general ledger issue—causing hospital staff to deal with frequent system failures. There was limited access to information because they did not have access to budget details during the purchasing process. With high error frequency and interruptions in the workflow that could not be fixed, they needed a change.

Memorial Hospital was initially concerned about how staff would react to a new requisition, but really needed a better way to budget and reduce costs. They wanted to reduce errors and interruptions to all users throughout the process.

Gordon College used a completely manual paper requisition approval process for a number of years. This practice caused constant delays throughout the process and the lack of visibility caused confusion among departments with requisitions stalled in inboxes. The lack of control and visibility was apparent.

They could not maintain and enforce budgets, which led to a lack of control. Also, they could not tell where requisitions were in the process, what had happened to them, or what needed to happen to keep them moving along the requisition process.

Central Park Conservancy used a paper-based requisition system with multiple copies for approvals and records. Without an electronic system in place, the Conservancy could not track where the requests were or which requests were most current. This led to a lack of control and mess when it came time to place the order.

Key requirements for the procurement solution included approval workflows based on the type of purchase, department, and spending authority, with complete audit trails and full visibility of actual expenditures and pending commitments.

Concorde Career College had a very manual process using spreadsheets, e-mail, and paper requisitions to track requisitions and purchases. This process led to confusion and overspending.  Due to the growing number of medical and classroom equipment purchases Concorde needed a more automated and audited procurement process. It was essential to find a better way for each facility to manage purchases, streamlining the procurement process and reduce costs.  Key requirements for the procurement solution included the capabilities of PunchOut.