Travel & Expense Management

Achieve more with a Travel & Expense solution that’s innovative and easy to use!

Eliminate paper-based expense processes, book travel in seconds, provide excellent employee experience, and implement corporate spend management policies with ease!  Create, submit, approve, book travel, pay, report, and analyze data easily, with full tracking, audit, and control during the entire travel and expense lifecycle.


Travel - Launch and Configure Image

Consolidate all corporate bookings in one solution that is easy to launch, configure, and use.

  • Add users and policies 
  • Increase user adoption 
  • Increase traveler compliance
Travel  Login Image

Log in to travel and expense at the same time.

  • Secure information on encrypted data platform
  • PCI Compliance and Privacy-Shield certification
Travel - Add Policy & Per Diems Image
Manage spend by setting limits or flagging high fares.

  • Create different policies for different travelers
  • Assigned tiered approvers
  • Set alerts for lower fares and rates
Travel - Authorize Travel Purchase Image
Give businesses pre-trip approval with in-policy options and per diems.

  • View savings options
  • Approve based on policy rules
  • Request trip justifications
Travel -  Trip Data Image

Generate trip data in seconds

  • Forward itineraries to anyone
  • View, cancel, update travel
  • Get updates instantly
Travel - Generate Travel Expense Report Image
Populate traveler expense reports with purchased travel for user convenience.

  • Say goodbye to tracking down trip receipts
  • Reduce time submitting expense reports
  • Sync trip receipts with expenses
Travel - Report on Travel Expense Image

Provide dynamic Angular JS reporting with real ROI calculations and easy to use reports.

  • Analyze traveler spending
  • Implement “what-if” scenarios to predict spend
  • Measure trip costs and travel trends
  • Manage employee Duty of Care to assess potential travel risk exposure


Mobile Expense Management Software Mobile Entry Approval - Phone

Experience easy expense sheet entry and approvals on the mobile app.  You can also capture expense on or off-line with your phone or tablet’s built-in device camera in seconds.

Mobile Expense Management Software Advanced Optical Character OCR - 3 Phones

Capture comprehensive receipt data accurately in real-time and ensure data security. Experience exceptional user experiences and convenience with our robust OCR technology.

Mobile Expense Management Software Modern User Interface Laptop

Intuitive, attractive, and easy to navigate interface allows your company to onboard users more quickly and build higher user adoption rates. WorkPlace’s intuitive UI allows any user, regardless of their skill level, to go through the procurement or expense cycle with confidence and ease.

Mobile Expense Management Software In-line Receipt Attachment - Computer

Capture & view receipts directly on the screen with each expense item during entry & approval process. Eliminate mailing, attaching, or losing receipts.

Mobile Expense Management Software Filter-Based Controls

Communicate effectively while enhancing controls by providing custom automatic feedback with messages to highlight certain conditions when saving, submitting or approving expenses.

Mobile Expense Management Software Dynamic Rule Engine & Approval - Laptop 2 Tablets


Implement any corporate spend policy & approval rule you can imagine anytime during the expense lifecycle, even at creation!

Mobile Expense Management Software Ad Hoc Approval Image



Introduce additional approval requirements on the fly while maintaining policies and controls to your original defined configuration, moving the process forward across the entire organization.

Mobile Expense Management Software Intuitive Expense Type Engine Image

Capture detailed financial information with a simple list of Expense Types that can automatically be assigned to GL accounts. Gain control & efficiency through automation mapped to your business while providing superior user experience.

Mobile Expense Management Software Robust Questionnaire Capabilities

Enhance communications, streamline entry, and prompt users to provide key information for specific charges, as a requirement or an option.

Mobile Expense Management Software Google Maps & Mileage Capabilities - Laptop

Go beyond managing your business spend and enforcing corporate policy.
Now you can save more time while traveling by automatically calculating mileage
from within the Mobile App, adding it seamlessly to your expense reports.
Enforce mileage policy with accurate mileage driven instantly!

Mobile Expense Management Software Attendee Tracking Image

Allocate expenses at the line level by % or amount across one or more attendees. Simplify and enforce compliance for internal and external reporting requirements.

Mobile Expense Management Software Open Payment Capibilities Image

Comply with the Open Payment Act reporting, allocating travel, meal, gifts, payments, etc. by NPI number.

Mobile Expense Management Software Travel Request and Pre-Approval Image

Control cost before it’s even incurred. Create expense reports from pre-approved travel requests. Enforce corporate expense policy as well as government regulations effectively & efficiently.

Mobile Expense Management Software Powerful Reporting Metrics Tablet

Gain instant insight from a powerful 360° view of all your KPI’s and metrics in one single dashboard, empowering you and your team to manage, evaluate, improve, and optimize any area of the business. You have the freedom to define your own metrics, customize the view, select from over 15 standard charts, create unlimited personalized charts, and even export the data for use in other applications or to slice and dice any way you like.

E-Procurement Software and Requisition Software Extensive Project & Job Cost Capabilities - Computer Laptop and Tablets

Track purchases against projects with budget checking throughout the entire purchasing process.

E-Procurement Software and Requisition Software Advanced Budgeting Engine - Laptop Tablet

Establish and enforce any corporate budget throughout the entire requisition and procurement process.

Mobile Expense Management Software Advanced Expense Split Image

Split expense reports, even by line item, into multiple clients, projects, activities, budgets, groups, accounts, individuals, time periods, etc. Composite expenses are as easy as any expense transaction.

Mobile Expense Management Software Powerful GL Distribution Image

Distribute expense, even by line item, into hundreds of GL accounts in seconds.

Mobile Expense Management Software Powerful Tax Engine - Tablet


Assign tax schedule by line level, incorporate enterprise-wide tax amount visibility. Adjust recoverable taxes within the system in no time.

Mobile Expense Management Software Direct Connect Credit Card Image

Create expense reports from credit card transactions automatically, accurately, anywhere, anytime, with confidence. Eliminate data entry & duplicates.

Mobile Expense Management Software Easy Credit Card Image

Easily update and maintain user’s corporate card assignments for automated Credit Card integrations.

Mobile Expense Management Software Real-Time Cash Advances and On-Account Balance Image

Experience seamless cash advance as well as on-account balance adjustments on both the expense & ERP sides, until the entire amount is fully expensed, in real-time.

Mobile Expense Management Software Payment Processing Capabilities Tablet

Process Vendor and Employee payments
securely, quickly, and directly from within the WorkPlace
Spend Management solution, forming a robust,
centralized P2P (Procure-to-Pay) platform.

E-Procurement Software and Requisition Software Multi-Currency and Muti Language - 3 Tablets

Maintain correct reimbursement with full control of exchange gain/loss.
Eliminate language and currency barrier and provide system access to your global teams.

Mobile Expense Management Software Comprehensive Status Monitoring

Solves the common problem of delays encountered in paper-based, Excel, e-mail submissions, and approval processes.

E-Procurement Software and Requisition Software Sophisticated Audit Capabilities - Tablet

Experience Full Visibility of what was changed, who made the change, and when it was made.